Loudfund Design

An Equity-based Crowdfunding Platform for Musicians & Fans:


Artist Campaign Page


Artist Campaign page

Artist Perks & Rewards Modal


Loudfund Fan Dashboard UI/UX Mock-up

Loudfund Mobile Landing Page


Artist Onboarding UI & UX

A huge part of what we wanted to do for our Artists was to help them manage their perks and rewards. We did this by providing a really straight forward "reward builder" and put the Artist in control of every aspect of their campaign. Here are a few examples of our user interface for the user's experience:


Loudfund Fan Dashboard


Marketing & Visual Communications

One of the most rewarding parts of building an identity system for a brand, is watching all of the elements come to life through it's application across all properties. From print to digital, keeping things looking and feeling on brand helps establish trust for the customer's and participants of the platform; forming a cohesive ecosystem.


Loudfund.com Marketing Site - Hero & Main Call To Action


Loudfund Landing Page - Design & Layout by Vivek Venkatraman (and I helped a little)


Various branding & identity projects